We went to Aspire today!


The little Aspire Creek with Villagio behind it.


College life is a literal mess when you think about it. You take classes, volunteer for a number of events, work for a certain student job, have extracurricular activities, have projects on your own, workout, see your friends, talk to your family… The other day I was talking to my roommate, and we both agreed that we were both just doing one thing after the other during the entire day, and not fully enjoying ourselves because of how stressful things can be. The worst thing about it is that this can lead to us college kids, especially those who live in the dorms, staying on campus for weeks and not really enjoying and appreciating the beautiful country we live in. I personally sometimes can go for a month not leaving campus except to buy groceries. 

This week however, my girlfriends and I tried to break the routine and do something that we do not to on a day to day basis. So after classes, we decided to leave Georgetown and go to places we don’t usually go to (and no guys, I am NOT talking about the mall) and we decided on Aspire park because the day was simply beautiful for it!

When you realize that most of you are wearing the same shoe color #friendshipgoals

The idea was highly appealing for me because: 1) the weather was amazing          2) we would be able to walk around and really enjoy the fresh air instead of just walking around stores (it’s not that I hate it, I spend too much time shopping, so it was a great change!) and 3) It was far from campus, so we were really getting out of the bubble that we were living in. 


And so, we hopped on an uber and just drove to the park! The trip was maybe 25 minutes away, but once we got there, it was so worth it!


A playground for the kids.
View from a bridge.
It was just refreshing to see people outdoor, relaxing, just having a good time.

The weather was absolutely stunning outside. It was just so nice to walk on the grass and enjoy the scenery. The atmosphere was very family-friendly, we took time to observe the different activities that took place in the park : little kids were playing in playgrounds, people were having picnics, but what got us really excited was that there was a little creek to be able to enjoy some paddle boating

As excited as we were to do so, we first decided to have lunch at Sugar and Spice (and everyimg_4191thing nice!). It took us some time to find it, but it was actually minutes (of walking) away from Villagio! The decor of this little restaurant is highly original, as it just mimics the style of a grandmother’s house. I felt like it was showing a certain Southern American kind of style, with a very preppy (and slightly weird) twist to it. We had to knock on the “front door” of the restaurant, and smiling waiters greeted us and lead us to sit on couches (because most of the tables were taken).  They handed us the menus, and although most of the items that were offered were either for breakfast or desert (so keep this in mind, incase you are interested for brunch!) they had a nice option of pasta and sandwiches (which was great because I was staaaarving).

Pink Pasta, or the food crush of the day.

I ordered the Pink Pasta, which turned out to be absolutely amazing. It was cheesy, savory, with lots of chicken, lots of zucchini, and just the way I like it. My friends also ordered a chicken sandwich, white pasta, and then for desert they ordered red velvet cake and the “lotus” cookie. It was a really great experience. However I’d say that for a college budget, it is on a slightly expensive range.



 The best thing about it was the atmosphere though. The decor was simply stunning. Everything was so stylish and colorful, from the walls to the couches, to the random things that really melted within the theme of a warm, cosy and comforting grandmother’s house.        

I want this lamp.
This is what I meant by weird/cool decor. It’s asthetically pleasing, but also quite confusing.











How great does this salon looks? Yeah, pretty great.


Me, posing on the patio next to the restaurant.

And so as our food adventure ended, a new adventure began: paddle boating. I was personally stuffed from the pasta but the girls insisted and I ended up joining them (and I don’t regret it one bit!).

This activity was great because i got to move around after eating (and burn those calories from the pasta), but I also loved it because the scenery was amazing, I have never done this before, and it was just really, really enjoyable. I recommend this 100%. The ride for 15 minutes was only 20 ryals per boat and it was just totally worth it. 



Paddle, paddle, paddle






Living young, wild, and not so free 🙂











Mah girls.


The End! 

I hope you guys liked this post! The experience was very fun for me and I’d love to do more of blog posts like this! Let me know what other places/activities in Doha you are interested in knowing about, I will be more than happy to write about them. 

Also, I am really sorry for not being post as regularly as I should have, but this month as been terribly filled and I promise that I am trying to post as much as I could. Next post should come out on Wednesday, so my posts will be usually out on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Don’t forget to follow me on insta @amenitoomany and I’ll see you guys next time!

Thank you for reading!

Bisou, bisou,


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