Getaway at the Kempinski Hotel in West Bay (part 1)

Written on the 17th of February 2017

So I know you haven’t heard from me for at least  three weeks, and the reason behind that is because, well, I died.

This is my ghost writing to you from the grave. Yes there’s wifi, that’s how advanced life (and death) got. 

Just kidding.

So no I didn’t die, but I was crushed from the amount of work I had. Midterm week was so hard for me, and I have another week that is coming in that is even harder.

But for now, I am breathing, trying to relax, and doing the best I can to forget the fact that every single aspect of my life is asking me to stop sleeping and to become the most sophisticated macbook pro yet. Well, obviously stress is annoying, so I signed up for this women’s retreat, where I’ll Hakuna Matata all I want for 24 hours in the Kempinski, and I’m blogging about it so you guys can join the fun!

Oh and by the way, I AM OFFICIALLY AN INTERNATIONAL POLITICS MAJOR. And my mom hates me. But that’s okay.

♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ two days later  ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

So. Kempinski.

I woke up at 8 am today knowing that I was supposed to get there at 1:30pm , but I had to clean my room, eat, straighten my hair while watching Moana (because um, why not?), and pack my stuff quickly and go!!! 

I made sure I brought comfortable pants, workout clothes, my bathing suit, makeup, and a dress that I could throw on at any time (I might have packed more than I should, but hey, at least I was prepared for anything!). 


I got to Uni at 1:20 and took the bus that brought us to the hotel. From the campus , it took 30 minutes approximately to get there. It was a humid, rainy day, which sort of was perfect for a cosy getaway. The hotel was in West Bay, in a beautiful narrow and high building, and as we stopped in front of it, my heart started to race with excitement. A relaxing weekend away from college, paper-writing, midterms, readings, lectures, problem-sets, and ramen was about to start!

On our way to the Kempinski

 We entered into a beautifully lit lobby, with white marble floors and large mirrors here and there. I already had the impression that my stay would be amazing, because the hotel looked wonderful just from the entrance. Receptionists welcomed us very warmly, and we all sat down and waited for our rooms to be ready. While we waited, my friends and I decided to explore the rest of the hotel. We then roamed around for about an hour to check out the gym, the swimming pool, the cafe, the business rooms, the lounge and the restaurants!

The beautiful reception!
The corridor that leads to the elevators (and a little surprise, that I will mention later)
The  seating area in the lobby! How pretty!



We basically started by going all the way up to the 61st floor of the hotel, where we discovered was the location of the Z Lounge, a Latin-Asian restaurant with an incredible view of the entire skyline of the city. We looked around, enjoying the wonderful atmosphere of the restaurant and the view. Sadly, img_5393we did not have the time to discover the food that was served, but I promised myself that I would return one day. It is truly a place to be. 

We did descend to the gym and the swimming pool later on, but I want to talk about that later on. For now, I want to tell you guys about my experience with the Gourmet House, a little cafe next to the reception. When I first walked in, I immediately noticed the very elaborate cake in form of a castle that was showcased. It left me and my friends in complete awe as we have never seen anything so deliciously beautiful!


There was also a large variety of colorful cakes and sweets that were ready to be eaten! From chocolate mousses to delightful cheesecakes, they all looked maybe too beautiful to eat. I sat down in a corner and ordered a cappuccino, a perfect source of energy of the rest of the day. The coffee was served with delicious biscuits, and I was just floating with creamy delight (excuse my posh language, it’s from being pampered so much). 

Oh coffee, you make college life so much easier…

I’m cheesy. Get over it. 


After having our little snack, it was time to go to the rooms. Most of the retreat was going ot happen in one of the villa suites that we were going to be sleeping in. I have never stepped into something so impressive in my life. It was made of three floors, a kitchen, AN ELEVATOR (not that I used it, but meh, it’s not like elevators in hotel rooms are common… or are they?) two living rooms, one dinner table, and six rooms with the same number of bathrooms.

Palace on the 52nd floor? Hell yeah. 

The little baby’s bed thingy was one of the organizer’s son’s. So no, it’s not a part of the decor. And that’s Aiza on the right. Shout out to you babe!

We just spent an hour picking our rooms and admiring the entire place. The view was beyond amazing. I really felt so blessed to be able to experience this. 

This was also in the ground floor of the suite. The view is just too impressive.
The living room where we had most of our activities done.












So we spent the rest of the day doing meditation exercises, ice breakers, leadership activities, and at 7 o’clock it was time to have dinner, and maaaan I was excited!

I thought we were going to eat downstairs so I asked the girls if we should go and change, but they told me that we were going to have dinner in the suite! So while we sat down and chilled, female waiters started coming, in  which was really considerate since there were some girls here that were hijabis and they didn’t need to cover up for the set up. The food looked absolutely amazing and I was so eager to try it out. We all picked out what we were going to eat before hand, so everything was served directly. Some appetizers included a Caesar salad and mushroom soup, entrees were halibut risotto and grilled chicken with avocado, and for dessert there was a fruit salad with ice-cream, a red velvet fondant cake and a creme brûlée. 


Personally, I picked the soup, the risotto, and the creme brûlée. They were all absolutely amazing. I really felt like every new course topped the other, and it was just such an incredible dining experience. 

The soup was just soft, rich and creamy, and I just wished that there was more of it because it was so freaking good! Especially with the bread! They provided us with a variety of little buns and I just loved trying those, especially the ones with lots of grains in them. Appetizers were just lovely. 

Then came the entrees, and I was just sooo excited for them. The risotto was exactly how I expected it: lemony, with the fish cooked to perfection.. And could we just take a moment to talk about how pretty it looks? I felt bad that I was messing the presentation while eating it! 

Honestly, it was just a great meal, I just wished there was more of it. The portion was definitely on the smaller side, but I mean, that’s what you get when you go fine dining I guess. 

Last but def’ not least, we had dessert and daaaaaaaaaang that was good! The creme brûlée was just perfect, not too sweet, with citrusy fruits a bit everywhere, the right amount of caramel, it was just simply PERFECT. Really one of the best I’ve ever tasted. Hat’s off to the chefs, it was really great. The fact that we ate inside the suite made it very intimate, the atmosphere was spot on, it was raining outside, I was just really happy. 



Probably spent at least 15 minutes just looking at the view before falling asleep.

We continued doing whatever we were doing before dinner until 11 at night. I went to bed feeling full, tired, and really relaxed. I just laid down in bed after that and enjoyed some complimentary chocolates while Netflixing and Chilling (don’t trust the B in apartment 23 is my new favorite). I slept leaving the blinds open, just to enjoy nighttime Doha, which is as beautiful as during the daytime. It honestly felt like we were on a plane that wasn’t moving.The bed was just so comfortable, the pillows were fluffy just the way I like them and I was really having the time of my life. 

Well, this was basically my first day spent in the Kempinski West Bay!

I have another post coming up telling you guys what I did on the second day! It’s probably as animated as the first one, and definitely as fun! 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know I enjoyed making it, and I’ll see you guys really soon ♡

Lots of love,


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