Getting our lives together: an Introduction

To be honest, I have no idea how to start this. When I daydreamed about writing my first article, I expected it to be really smooth and nice, with awesome pictures and text and it would just be like *poof* blog is created, posts are published, pics are taken, and voila thanks for subscribing!

Guys, I think its more complicated than that. I don’t know. I’m trying.

Okay. This is easy. You know what? I’ll just start off by presenting myself.
Hellowwwww, my name is
Ameni, and I am a sophomore at Georgetown University ! (but in Qatar, ‘cuz hello, it is the hottest place to be right now! Literally hottest. I’m melting with the heat…) Uni life is horrible and beautiful at the same time, and without a doubt for now one of the best years I have ever experienced! 

Which got me thinking, I am a student with hopes and dreams of becoming a… a… I don’t know yet (but I promise you I’ll become
something!). So while I’m in the process of figuring my future out, in a pool of people that have mixed or fixed ideas of what they’re doing, I am just focusing on my current situation, and trying to do the best I can to get the most out of my college experience.dsc_0598

Millennial women today usually picture themselves as
future strong leaders excelling in what they do. This means they have to get their lives together. College, as I learned, can make your life fly into pieces. I have already experienced the all nighters, the five cups of coffee in the span of three hours, the random breakdowns (that are NOT during my period), the sleepovers in Uni, the oversleeping – long after your classes started, the cheetos-and-kitkats-for-dinner (again, not during my period), and oh god, the KFC, the McDonalds, the  KFC, those endless take out packages that pile on your dumpster that has not been taken out in over a week.

       Yes, College Life, a lifestyle that can turn a roughly neat healthy high school kid into a zombie that has ramen for breakfast and ramen for dinner.

     Now, I want you to think. Is this way of life worth your health? I know, its easier, but really! Think about it! You can be much happier than this! And you are worth more than this! You deserve a full night of sleep, fresh make up every morning (and not the eye liner of yesterday), breakfast, working out your beautiful body, and cleaning your little room.

But let’s face it. Ain’t no body got time for that.

You might think, who the hell does this girl that I have never met think. “Yo, I have 15 pages to write due in two days, you really think I care about making myself eggs at an hour that I have probably hit the snooze button 234 times?!”
Yes, you’re
right. You are just human, you are not Superwoman. Yet.

BUT, I still believe that there are ways for the lazy girls that we are to become the strong independent women that we strive to be. Which is why I have created this little world in a in a vast galaxy of other worlds, usually known as the Internet.

This is Tiny Hand, my sister’s favorite thing at the moment. If you want to discover more of Tiny Hand’s adventures, follow @tinyhandbynomine on Instagram!

Now, I won’t just be talking about thriving academically, but I also want to talk about health, fitness, nutrition, and beauty (because you cannot plan on ruling the world and wear sweatpants during your developing years). Mental health is THE most important thing to focus on, because being comfortable in your head helps you deal with everything else. This means that confidence is key to allllllllllllll of your success. I want to help you have this confidence.What is this blog for you ask? Well, I want us to help each other out. I want be able to provide you with useful tips and tricks on how to get through the annoying things we go through, and really give 120% of what we got.

Consider this blog as a little hand (or tiny hand) to help you go through these important years. And I really hope that it reassures you, even just a tiny bit, that whatever you are going through, a lot, and I mean A LOT of people have gone through the same.

I wish you guys health and happiness, and a wonderful end to your winter break! 

Oh and by the way…. Happy New Year!!!



Ps: The pictures were taken during a beautiful sunny morning in Tunisia, my home country. 

I had fun taking these with my cousin and sister, and I’d like to shout out to these amazing girls that supported me in this project, along with my other friends and family members. I love you guys

PPS: I now have Instagram!!!! Follow me @amenitoomany!

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