51 Ways To Procrastinate Productively

Guys, you will never BELIEVE what made me write this post. 

Can you guess? No? Okay.

I’m procrastiwaitforitnating! (How I Met Your Mother Reference, what upppppp)

Yes, believe it or not, I practice whatever I preach in this blog, and today I will be doing one of the things that I’ll be suggesting in this post (namely, writing for this blog, because it’s liberating, it’s fun and productive!). 


Being a college student, it is from the regular routine to do a few things; eating, sleeping, going to class, going to 

work, club meetings, hanging out with friends (if you are lucky that is), gymming, aaaaaand repeating everything all over again. Then there are things that are not essential to college students but that everyone else still does, and that, my friends, is procrastination.

For those of you superhumans-geniuses-future Nobel prize winners who do not know what procrastination is, I have the right definition for it:

Procrastination: noun, Both a state of being and favorite activity of youngsters commonly known as College Students. Procrastination is usually practiced when one student feels they have time to kill before a deadline, but it also can be practiced when a deadline is not very far away. Example: I have homework, but I just spent 5 hours watching documentaries about the lives of Russian millionaires (not kidding, I actually did that once).

IMG_1040.jpgYep, procrastination is the best way to pass time and avoid doing things you need to do. While it feels great to mindlessly watch Netflix and scroll through social media in the moment, it also usually leads you to feel bad because it either puts you directly in trouble, or it just makes you feel guilty because you could have used your time for something else.

So what do we do? How to solve this problem?

Weeeeeell I think that procrastination can be beneficial if we do it right. The truth is, binge-watching and instagram/facebook/twitter scrolling is a little bit of a waste of time, especially when you do it for houuurs on end. You’re a boss/accomplished gal, you need to do things that help you achieve your goals and not slow you down.

So without further ado, these are 51 examples of things you can do when you are procrastinating but you still feel like you are doing something useful:

Take a shower: it resets your body and makes you feel great, less groggy and maybe less procrastinaty (I speak London very best). 

  1. Put on a sheet maskexfoliate, moisturize: even if you don’t get any work done, self-care is actual work. You’ll have smoother, clearer skin, and if you are struggling to reach your deadline, at least you’ll struggle with a beautiful glow. 
  2. Give your hair a bain d’huileFor those who are not familiar with the term, a bain d’huile literally means a bath of oil. No, don’t fill your bath with oil, I’m not asking you to do that, stop what you’re doing right now! A bain d’huile actually means to soak your hair with one or multiple types of oil (be it coconut, olive, almond, castor….). I usually do this with coconut oil once every week, and it helps a lot with hair growth and shine. You could either wash it after an hour or two after applying generously, or better yet, sleep with it, shower and then have beautiful moisturized hair the next day!
  3. Exfoliate your skin! There are gants de toilette, a type of loofa that is harsher on the skin that you can use to scrub all the dead skin away! You can do that in the shower and then moisturize it with your favorite body lotion afterwards. 
  4. Create your own homemade face mask! You can google recipes online, put cucumbers on your eyes, and just relax. 
  5. Give yourself a manicure! There are manicure kits you can buy, and just do the whole routine by yourself as if you went to a nail salon! 
  6. Do your hairYou can straighten it, curl it, blow-dry it… Just treat yourself and make yourself feel like a queen!
  7. Organize your room; a clearer space helps you have a clearer mind. 
  8. Organize your closet: it will save you time in the future. 
  9. Mop your floor; there is nothing better than walking on a dust-less parquet (sorry with the french guys when I start I can’t stop).
  10. Dust your room (same reason as the one above). 
  11. Start bullet journalling ! It’s fun, it’s easy, you can find inspo on Youtube and pinterest! Personally, I created my own trackers and every day I spend some time writing my thoughts  and filling them out! They are especially handy in the long run, when you can figure out some your emotional and habitual patterns that you may have!
  12. Plan your week!
  13. Plan your day!
  14. Make your lunch for the day! A home-cooked meal is always better than take-out, so ditch your talabat app and make yourself a healthy, hearty, comforting meal!
  15. Meal prep for the week! To those who are not familiar with the term, meal prepping is basically cooking for the rest of the week. It saves you time, energy and you’ll just feel very grateful that you did it in the future!
  16. Make crepes! They are soooooo easy to make and they are GREAT for breakfast!!!
  17. Make pizza! Jeez I’m hungry. 
  18. Clean your kitchen and do yourself / your roommate a favor!
  19. Go out for a walk/run. Walk if you are not used to running. Run if you got your ish together. 
  20. Work out in the Gym (remember? that weird place where people grunt while lifting heavy dumb things? dumbbells? Guys, why are dumbbells dumb?). 
  21. Look up workouts on YouTube and just do what they do. If you feel embarrassed, you can even do it in your own room. 
  22. Do some yoga
  23. Color! I personally love using coloring books, they make me feel so relaxed!
  24. Start a new workout plan and then challenge yourself and stick to it!
  25. Go get coffee in your nearest coffee shop (a change of scenery and coffee is great for the soul).
  26. Search for internships! You might even find ones that you’d want to apply for!
  27. Buy groceries! An empty fridge is sad. Don’t let your fridge be empty. 
  28. Do yo laundry! I know it’s boring but it’s sometimes better than just doing homework. 
  29. Nap! Napping is good for the soul, but it should be no longer than an hour!
  30. Meditate! (I recommend Headspace and Simple Habit)
  31. Pray!
  32. Print out some inspirational quotes and hang them around! It’s a nice decorative idea that will always motivate you in times like these. 
  33. Decorate your room
  34. Clean your white shoes! I recommend toothpaste or makeup remover!
  35. Make tea. I’m drinking a cup right now myself!
  36. Make brownies! Or cookies, or both!!!
  37. Call a loved one !
  38. Start a blog!
  39. Start a YouTube channel!
  40. Do something creative ! Paint! Draw! Learn how to hand-letter! Sculpt! DIY something!
  41. Think about a business idea!
  42. Maybe even start that business idea!
  43. Plan an event! A birthday party? A girl’s night out? Look forward to something!
  44. Write your thoughts without thinking. 
  45. Write a story! Ya never know, this blog post might inspire you to become the next JK Rowling. In that case, I WANT TO BE IN THE CREDITS. ahem. 
  46. Make yourself a ‘motivation jar”! Write yourself encouraging words in little pieces of paper and put them in a jar. You can open it when you feel stressed out.
  47. Make yourself a “worries jar” where you can write down your worries and put them away! 
  48. Hydrate yo seeeeeeeellllffffffff!
  49. Light a scented candle
  50. Write down your goals for the month. 

After doing some of these things, you may or may not want to continue to work.

If you still feel like you want to procrastinate, there are ways to go around it. Either way, know that you still were productive in some way. After all, being healthy and taking care of your body and soul is as productive as studying.

I’ll be posting something in a few days about how to defeat procrastination for good. And maybe even about bullet journaling if you guys are interested! 

Until then, have a nice rest of the weekend ❤

Lots of love,


11 Comments Add yours

  1. Eman says:

    Great list, Ameni!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. doctorinspe says:

    This is 👌👌👌👌👌


  3. Great list. I like how you have included a lot of self care rituals. Those are the best!


    1. amenitoomany says:

      Yasssss I agree 🙂 Thank you ❤


  4. SaraWrites says:

    Reblogged this on My Place of Hope and commented:
    Just enjoyed reading this post because I totally relate. Now I can procrastinate #productively ^_^


    1. amenitoomany says:

      I’m glad you liked it 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Nita says:

    Love the post, a couple of things here, procrastination is not limited to college students or younger people. You think that as we age we get better at not procrastinating? Ha! Oh sure there are those rare people who don’t. The rest of us? We’ve honed the action and elevated it to an art form. Second, productive procrastination just sounds wrong. 🙂 Plus, many of the things you listed are actions that help our state of mind. Love your coloring suggestion.


    1. amenitoomany says:

      Hi Nita! Thank you for your comment. Of course, procrastination is definitely not limited to college students. However, since this blog is directed towards college kids (it’s called “Getaway for the average college girl) I mainly focused on the things that students can do when they are procrastinating. To your second point, productive procrastination essentially means that you can procrastinate while still doing things that could benefit you in the long run, and self care is one of them. Sometimes we find ourselves mindlessly waste our time when we can actually use that time to focus on our well being, something that is often forgotten.


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