I Laid Off My Straightener For 2 Weeks (And I Survived!).

Ah, curly hair:  beautiful, natural spirals carefully crafted by God, tumbling softly into gravity while being incredibly bouncy. With this description you would think that this heavenly type of hair is just achievable effortlessly, but alas, you are so wrong. As some might say, the best things in life are the ones you have to work for.

Let me ask a question to prove my point: to all the curly haired girls out there, raise your hand if your morning hair routine just consists of walking out of the shower without doing anything to it! (btw if you’re not raising your hand right now, please comment below what you’re doing because I gatz to know!!). The truth is, curly hair is no piece of cake (mmmm, cake) and you know what? Society doesn’t help either. 


The life of a curly haired girl could be summarized as such: It started off with curly haired little you, clenching your head as your mom tortured you with her painful comb and olive oil. Your hair was always put up with crazy hair clips, and you sat there, with your round glasses, looking hopelessly at those beautiful girls with long luscious blond hair that need no taming (you had a sad, sad childhood). Then came the teen age, where you tried to embrace your curly hair but people would constantly put metallic spirals and pencils in your hair because they thought it was funny. And every time you had a haircut (which usually came with a blowout) people would compliment you and tell you that you looked prettier with straight hair! That’s when you buy a straightener, get tired of using it everyday and so you look into other alternatives, namely hair treatments that would temporarily or permanently straighten your hair. Keratine, botox, rebonding, you try all of them, AND THEY WORK. For a while. Then your hair falls off because of all the chemicals, it breaks because of all the heat you inflicted on it. So you resort to the big chop. But then, your hair starts to grow. And you are happy because hello, your hair is growing and you are starting to want longer hair! But then, the roots are different. They are natural. They are curly. And your locks are dead straight. You try using a scrunching gel. They are still straight. You try trying all sorts of shampoo. Still straight. Then you think, ok we’ll even everything out and straighten everything out. Yas! Pretty hair. But then… Your ends start to split. Your hair starts to fall. It’s not as smooth as you want it to be, in fact, it’s as dead as Donald Trump’s popularity. In fact, the texture might even remind you of Trump himself. 


So? Whats next?

To be honest, I tried everything. 

I tried curling my hair with a straightener and a chopstick to even everything out. It was great but the only thing is that my hair was still being ruined because of the heat. I tried using shampoos for curly hair, scrunching gels, overnight braids, you name it. But that was like a few months ago. Then I resorted back to my straightener. It was great, I mean I looked polished all the time, but my hair started to break and fall off again, and that’s when I realised I had to stop.

So, I decided to conduct an experiment and not straighten my hair for two weeks. Two weeks is little, you might say, but I’m telling ya, I had major anxiety when I made that decision. You might not understand, but I was taught that straight hair always looked prettier, classier and more elegant than curly hair. And so, going out without having my hair straightened, and worse, showing the world how damaged and inconsistently curly it had become made me feel so vulnerable. I was extremely out of my comfort zone, and to stop myself from relapsing I had to convince myself that this was a great addition to the blog. So I went on with it.


The first few days: 

I was feeling really uncomfortable. I had my hair tied up in a bun the entire time. I noticed that I tried to compensate the lack of hair on my shoulders with more makeup and a statement outfit. I think that subconsciously I figured that, if people weren’t going to be impressed by my hair, than I have to make up for it with the rest of my attire. I was feeling still really subconscious about it though and really reluctant to continue with this experiment.

The end ofthe first week:

I started to notice some perks about going au naturel. I didn’t spend as much time as I did doing my hair before (mainly because my hair was kinda hopeless) and I actually went out of the house in the morning quicker than I did before. I also started to do braids, and I tried to switch it up everyday. I think I still felt the need to put on a certain amount of makeup, and I would feel a larger need to put on accessories. Something that scared me a little was that I had an event in Uni and I was scared of not being pretty enough for it, but by the end of the night, I understood that i didn’t look too bad and that it was all in my head. 

The second week:

It went by a breeze. I still braided, I still accessorized, I still felt slightly self-conscious at some times, but overall, I felt pretty good. There was one night where I tried to sleep with bendy rollers in hopes that the next morning I would have beautiful luscious curls like Marilyn Monroe, but I just ended up looking like Louis XIV. Obviously, I had to brush everything out and put it into a bun (which I was NOT happy about), but oh well, what to do.


So there you have it, two weeks without heat on my hair! My hair is still in its natural state, and I’m going to try to extend this no heat period as much as I can (unless I have some sort of event like Halloween and I want to let my hair down).


What I learned from this experience:

  1. I am conditioned to feel subconscious about my natural hair when I should not.
  2. I am never doing Keratin (or any other straightening treatments) EVER again.
  3. Braids are the best way to hide damaged hair while looking elegant and classy.
  4. You are beautiful the WAY YOU ARE and not the way other people want you to look like. 


And remember: your curls are priceless. Girls with straight hair try to curl them all the time. Flaunt them, be proud of them, and avoid doing what I did, because paying the price isn’t nice (heeyyyyy I made a rhyme!)

No joke though. You’re beautiful, so believe it.

Love and kisses till’ next time!
– Ameni 

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