My Luxurious Experience at Aldo Coppola

DSC_0176Quick disclaimer: I swear I had better photos. But because my phone was ruined during Greece (which I will fill you guys in soon btw) a looot of my photos were lost, including selfies and pictures of my nails, so I apologize in advance. If any of you guys know how to recuperate photos from a broken iPhone, please let me know ūüė¶

Alright, so now that the sad, sad announcement is over, hello lovelies and welcome back to my blog! Yes, I have not posted in ages! No, I am not dead – I am just a college student that went through finals! However, it is now over and I have so many experiences to share with you guys, the fun has truly begun! Also, before starting this post, let me just wish you a Ramadan Mubarak! I wish you all a blessed and fulfilled month!

Okay then, let’s talk about Aldo Coppola!

DSC_0159¬† ¬†So, about a few months ago, I was mindlessly scrolling Instagram, when I stumbled upon the account of this beauty salon, and I thought “damn this looks like the most luxurious hair and nail place I’ve ever seen”. I actually ended up following the account, in the intention of actually going there once the semester ends – which I did! Honestly, one thing I learned this semester is that when you’re going through finals, try finding some sort of motivation like a reward at the end. I love pampering myself, I love doing my nails, I just love having time for myself in general. The timing was perfect, and I was so excited to go.¬†

DSC_0150¬† ¬†The salon is located in Al-Hazm mall (which is also gorgeous by the way!) and you can find it next to the entrance on the second floor (I’m telling you because I got a little lost when I got there). Getting there, I had butterflies in my stomach. I was just so excited. Guys you have NO idea, their Instagram page is goals and I wanted to go for such a long time! When I got in, all of my expectations were met, if not exceeded. the location was just stunning! The theme revolved around roses so there were roses everywhere, the lighting was perfect, and the staff were literally the kindest and most hospitable women I’ve ever met. What impressed me the most was how diverse they were! Some of them came from Moldova, Ukraine, Thailand, Azerbaijan,¬† Kazakstan and the Philippines among other nationalities! Hearing their stories and their experiences was honestly the cherry on top. Regarding the salon, some of them actually had to go and do a special hair training in Milan at the Aldo Coppola Academy, which just shows how professional they are in their work!¬†


Entrance to the salon with the beautiful @inchik_90.

Regarding the treatments that I did, I had a mani-pedi with the most amazing¬†nail art (that unfortunately I do not have a photo of because, again, I stupidly lost them). The nail prepping was so luxurious, because they not only do the nail polish but also exfoliate your hands and feet and give them a special mask. While putting on the manicure, they also served me a wonderful bubbly pomegranate drink on the side table with mini chocolates. Oh, and did I mention that the chairs also give massages?! Yeah, the chairs give you a massage as you sip your drinks while your nails are being polished. I’m telling you, I felt like a QUEEN.¬†

Example of nail art from Aldocoppola’s Instagram page.
Nails place. Isn’t it pretty! I’m in love with the red couches!










For my hair, I first sat down and had a mini hair consultation with one of the ladies. We talked about the state of my hair, and then she suggested what I should do to make it healthier. In the end, we decided that it needed some moisturizing and a little trim. So, as I sat into a seat to wash my hair (which by the way, also has a built in massage setting!!), it was conditioned with a treatment  infused with vanilla essence. I would honestly recommend that specific treatment because it felt amazing. The sensation was soothing, it felt like my scalp was being cleansed and refreshed; it was like having pepper mint in your hair in a way.

The setup of the hair care area.
Most of their products are from the Aldocoppola brand, which I find it to enhance the experience even more.








After the washing, my hair was lightly trimmed and then the hairstylist blowdried my hair and curled it. Her work was seriously flawless. Usually, I’m very picky about how I want my hair done, and I have sooooo many stories of how I came out of a salon hating myself for going in the first place. But the hairdressers here are well trained and talented. My hair smelled and looked amazing and I was seriously so happy of the end result!¬†

The best thing about this place: the lighting. I took some seriously good selfies there.











DSC_0165 (1)












Final thoughts: I absolutely ADORED the salon, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a luxurious beauty experience. It is seriously one of the best, if not the best hair and nail salon I’ve ever been to, I felt like a queen the entire time and it was the best reward I could ever have after a long week of finals. The only drawback perhaps is the prices, which are on the expensive side. I guess, with how luxurious the place is, and considering its location at Al-Hazm mall, its understandable, but I’d really look at it as a once in a lifetime experience. However, they do offer a 20% discount for all students!! You’d seriously not regret it, I know I’m definitely going back again.¬†

Before ending, I’d like to thank Aldo Coppola and the ladies that pampered me that day. They were extremely talented, kind, welcoming, and entertaining, and I wish them the best in everything they do.

For more info on the salon, check out their Instagram @aldocoppolaqatar or call them at +974 44880090. Their timings during ramadan are 10 am to 4 pm, and then 7 pm to 11 pm and on Fridays from 2 pm to 11 pm.

Until next time my loves,




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