29 Things To Do When You Are Waiting For Exam Results

Hello Frandz! (Wait, who’s Frandz and what is she doing here?) 

As most of my college peeps out there, I’m stressing the f out. You are going to tell me: “But Ameni, exam season is over, you are free!”. Yes, it is over. But it is also a known fact that what is more stressful than exam season is post-exam season! Oh man, guys I’ve refreshed myaccess (the site to access grades) AT LEAST thirty times today. Thirty. Do you know what that means? I’m driving myself and my family crazy, and frankly, I just want to curl up in a huge fuzzy blanket, take my phone, refresh the page every 30 seconds or at least how much my phone allows me to, and scream.

To be honest, I did that a lot today, and it doesn’t feel too great. You see, I’m anxious and obsessive by nature, and it kinda sorta doesn’t help with mental health sometimes. 

                               ¿SO, WHAT NOW, YOU MIGHT ASK? 

Well, I thought it would kind of be a nice gesture from me to you to make you a list of 30 things you might do as you agonizingly wait for the stupid grades to come out. And if you are curious, making this list was my coping mechanism, so enjoy.

  1. Call your grandmother. People don’t call their grandparents enough, and talking to them will (hopefully) make you feel at least a little bit better because personally when I talk to mine they give me so much warmth.
  2. Work out. Sweat it out, Yoga it out, just MOVE yourself out of this really toxic anxious mood.
  3. Declutter your room. Throw away all of the notebooks you don’t need anymore and give away the books you don’t want to keep.
  4. Declutter your email and delete all those promotional emails. You could even go the extra mile and unsubscribe.
  5. Shut your phone, make some popcorn, and watch a whole season of The Good Place. Trust me, time flies and you’ll feel so much better because it’s soooo funny. 
  6. Start a new book. I’m currently reading the Little Book of Hygge, and I like it!
  7. Take bomb selfies, edit them and post them on Instagram. You’ll feel a little better about yourself once you feel yourself. BUT if you have the habit of comparing yourself to other people, then don’t open Instagram.
  8. Make a list of all the movies you’d like to waste your time watching this semester.
  9. Start a bullet journal! It’s so much fun and practical too!
  10. Make art. Just take a canvas or a piece of paper and paint how happy you’ll feel once you get this entire semester over with.
  11. Straighten your hair if you have curly hair and curl your hair if you have straight hair. Why? Didn’t you say you were trying to waste time?
  12. Start a blog. Blog about how stressed you are, or how much you care about the planet, or how stressed about how much you care about the planet and we’re all going to die anyway… (woooow ish got dark wayyy to fast).
  13. Google what minimalism means. Figure out if that lifestyle suits you.
  14. Google what being waste-free means. Wonder if you could achieve it in your daily life and how you can change to become a better world citizen.
  15. Start a Pinterest account, and just start pinning recipes you’d like to make.
  16. Try a recipe out, and if it doesn’t come out well, order pizza.
  17. Challenge yourself to eat a whole pint of ice-cream. If you’ve never done it, well now’s the time. If you are lactose intolerant, please skip this question and don’t do anything stupid.
  18. Be useful to yourself, take a piece of paper, and write down all your answers to typical interview questions you don’t really know how to answer usually, such as: “tell me about yourself?” “What are your weaknesses/strengths” “where do you see yourself in 10 years”.
  19. If you are a senior, apply for jobs. Get off my blog, stop being lazy and motivate yourself to finally design your post-grad life.
  20. Make soup dumplings. If you do, please tell me how you did it.
  21. Make chocolate chip cookies and then make hot cocoa with it. If you live in a hot country, make a smoothie.
  22. Write a poem about how you feel.
  23. Color on those mandala coloring books while listening to a podcast. I recommend the Samotivation podcast! (www.samotivation.com)
  24. Ask yourself why are you feeling so stressed out. Do these grades actually matter to you? What would happen in the worst possible scenario? Is it really that bad?
  25. Mediate and/or pray. Calm your thoughts and have faith.
  26. Listen to some good music and dance while you clean your messy af room.
  27. Plan a relief party for when you receive your results.
  28. Remember not to ask your friends for their grades. Comparison is a B**** and you don’t want to be friends with her.
  29. Curl up in a huge fuzzy blanket, take your phone, refresh the page every 30 seconds (or how much your phone allows you to), and scream.

And there you have it! That was my list of things to do while I wait for my exam results to come out! I wish you all the best of luck, a happy holidays, and an amazing relaxing winter break!

Lots of love!

– Ameni

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