I Laid Off My Straightener For 2 Weeks (And I Survived!).

Ah, curly hair:  beautiful, natural spirals carefully crafted by God, tumbling softly into gravity while being incredibly bouncy. With this description you would think that this heavenly type of hair is just achievable effortlessly, but alas, you are so wrong. As some might say, the best things in life are the ones you have to work for.

A Taste of the Philippines and Fried Chicken

      Something that I have realized these past few weeks, more and more each day actually, is how much Summer brings the absolute worst in me. I have become lazy, procrastinating 10x more than I used to, I certainly did NOT go to the gym (although I should) and right now my best…

Getting our lives together: an Introduction

To be honest, I have no idea how to start this. When I daydreamed about writing my first article, I expected it to be really smooth and nice, with awesome pictures and text and it would just be like *poof* blog is created, posts are published, pics are taken, and voila thanks for subscribing! Guys,…

A Little Motivation To Get The Summer Started

Self reflection for me is synonymous to empowerment, and I recommend it to all of those who wish to improve themselves to become better people and more successful in their lives.

We went to Aspire today!

    College life is a literal mess when you think about it. You take classes, volunteer for a number of events, work for a certain student job, have extracurricular activities, have projects on your own, workout, see your friends, talk to your family… The other day I was talking to my roommate, and we…