My Luxurious Experience at Aldo Coppola

Quick disclaimer: I swear I had better photos. But because my phone was ruined during Greece (which I will fill you guys in soon btw) a looot of my photos were lost, including selfies and pictures of my nails, so I apologize in advance. If any of you guys know how to recuperate photos from…

Throwing a Bottle into the Ocean: the Fascinating Tale of Aviselle Diaz

  College is awesome because you get to meet incredible people with inspiring stories. Aviselle Diaz, a 20 year old Cuban American student is one of the gems I have had the chance to meet during my college experience. Currently majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies in Georgetown University, she has dedicated her life to…

I Laid Off My Straightener For 2 Weeks (And I Survived!).

Ah, curly hair:  beautiful, natural spirals carefully crafted by God, tumbling softly into gravity while being incredibly bouncy. With this description you would think that this heavenly type of hair is just achievable effortlessly, but alas, you are so wrong. As some might say, the best things in life are the ones you have to work for.

A Little Motivation To Get The Summer Started

Self reflection for me is synonymous to empowerment, and I recommend it to all of those who wish to improve themselves to become better people and more successful in their lives.

Getaway at the Kempinski Hotel in West Bay (part 1)

Written on the 17th of February 2017 So I know you haven’t heard from me for at least  three weeks, and the reason behind that is because, well, I died. This is my ghost writing to you from the grave. Yes there’s wifi, that’s how advanced life (and death) got.  Just kidding. So no I didn’t die, but…