29 Things To Do When You Are Waiting For Exam Results

As most of my college peeps out there, I’m stressing the f out. You are going to tell me: “But Ameni, exam season is over, you are free!”. Yes, it is over. But it is also a known fact that what is more stressful than exam season is post-exam season! Oh man, guys I’ve refreshed myaccess (the site to access grades) AT LEAST thirty times today. Thirty. Do you know what that means? I’m driving myself and my family crazy, and frankly, I just want to curl up in a huge fuzzy blanket, take my phone, refresh the page every 30 seconds or at least how much my phone allows me to, and scream.

On Insecurities – Collab’ with A Little Peanuts

HELLO WORLD I TURNED 21 TODAY!  Yes, the glorious day of the 17th of August has finally arrived, and I feel that usual tinge of excitement (as everyone does) on the day of their birthday. Birthdays are funny, I think they are a little similar to New Years’, in the sense that they bring feelings…

How I make my delicious Vanilla iced coffee! (Using a Mocha Pot)

Ah iced coffee… It’s my fuel, my motivation to wake up in the morning, and to continue hustling in the afternoon. Sometimes I actually wonder whether I drink too much of it… I mean that amount of coffee and dairy shouldn’t be that good for you, and I find myself sometimes drinking up to three…

I Laid Off My Straightener For 2 Weeks (And I Survived!).

Ah, curly hair:  beautiful, natural spirals carefully crafted by God, tumbling softly into gravity while being incredibly bouncy. With this description you would think that this heavenly type of hair is just achievable effortlessly, but alas, you are so wrong. As some might say, the best things in life are the ones you have to work for.

51 Ways To Procrastinate Productively

Guys, you will never BELIEVE what made me write this post.  Can you guess? No? Okay. I’m procrasti–waitforit–nating! (How I Met Your Mother Reference, what upppppp) Yes, believe it or not, I practice whatever I preach in this blog, and today I will be doing one of the things that I’ll be suggesting in this post…